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Jaunty overseas about us


Our journey began in 1996 when we started supplying goods to other exporters. Two years later in 1998, we received our first export order for $100. Over the next two years, we exported various products to sustain our business. In 2000, we decided to focus on Glass Beads exports since sourcing, production, materials, and manpower were all in close proximity to our town.

By 2005, we had imported technology from overseas and began manufacturing beads by machine. We also set up a raw material plant in partnership with Firozabad. At the time, we were among only three glass beads manufacturers in India using Machines for Beads manufacturing. Today, we supply our Glass Beads under the brand name Jaunty / Beadsnfashion throughout the Indian market.

In 2010, we forayed into Zari Embroidery handicrafts manufacturing and exports. Three years later in 2013, we launched Beadsnfashion - India's Premier Beading Supplies Marketplace, catering to both Indian and overseas clients. We currently stock more than 8,000 styles of beads.

Since 2006, we have participated in both Indian and international exhibitions. 

Whether you are an Indian or international export company, buying agency, manufacturer, or chain store, we hope to meet your bead requirements with our wide selection of products.