With first order of 5.5 kilo, we started business way back in May 1996 with loss of USD 12, but strong belief of not giving up in life even in hardest circumstances laid the foundation of the co, where it stands today. After all, Jaunty is what it means. The business started from single room office in 1996 and today flourishes in 32000 sq ft area at 2 units.
Our products are exported to major markets. We export to retail shops as well wholesalers, A small retailer would be one day by a mart owner, who knows it, and so for Jaunty everyone’s equal.


We are not the Biggest Manufacturers or Exporter of Beads from India but have a niche for our products in both domestic as well International Markets. We have beads manufactured by traditional hand made as well with imported machines.

In India, Glass Beads is still a cottage based industry, centralized around Purdil Nagar town and Varanasi in [Uttar Pradesh]. Everyone acquires beads from these 2 places. Even we had been doing the business same for years but constant urge for growth and creating a niche for Jaunty in highly competitive market, led to acquire new technologies and in-house manufacturing of Glass Beads.